Howard University

Howard University is one of the country’s leading private universities. Founded in 1867 in Washington, DC, it is the home to 13 schools and colleges offering undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and professional degrees in a number of disciplines.


The Howard University Alumni Club of Greater Washington, DC (HUAC-GWDC) operates under the auspices of the National Howard University Alumni Association (HUAA) and is one of the oldest and largest alumni clubs in the association.


The Howard University Alumni Club of Greater Washington, DC is committed to attracting and engaging Howard University Alumni to provide multi-level university support by serving our students and our community, and by ensuring a visible, viable, vital organization that embraces the spirit of excellence.


  • Promote Howard University as an institution of academic excellence.
  • Create and maintain an environment that encourages alumni participation through volunteerism and financial support.
  • Sponsor activities and events in support of the university, its students and the community.

2016-2017 Strategic Priorities

  • Membership: Increase and build a strong HUAC-GWDC membership body
  • Scholarships: Enhance the HUAC-GWDC scholarship process and increase monies for scholarships
  • Infrastructure: Develop the internal infrastructure and underlying foundation of HUAC-GWDC
  • Student Recruitment: Develop programs and events to support the student body
  • University Relations: Enhance HUAC-GWDC’s relationship with the University